Rebecca here.  I'm a recent PhD graduate in Cell Biology from the Yale Medical School who loves to bake and knit!  I'm a firm believer in maintaining balance in one's life, even when enrolled in an intensive academic program.  Baking and knitting definitely help me maintain some of that coveted balance (though others may argue about my success in that respect).  I bake and make primarily for the people in my life.  On this blog, you'll find me posting baked goods that I bake for birthdays, baby showers, and other celebrations, as well as knitting projects that I'm working on.  Leave me a message and let me know what you think, as well as recipes that you'd like to see me make!

Random facts that may or may not be useful:

I live in Kalamazoo, MI.  I'm looking for a job.  I'd love to stay in the Midwest but will go where someone will hire me.

I went to college in Vermont.  I miss it dearly.  I call it the happiest place on earth, ahead of Disneyworld, even.  Everything's better in retrospect, right?  It's also where I first learned to decorate cakes and knit.  You can tell me whether or not I'm a good learner.

I grew up in SW Michigan.  I love the lakes.  I don't love the mosquitos.

I think that Ivy league institutions are WAY overrated in terms of undergraduate education.  WAY overrated.

I was a writing tutor for Yale undergrads.  Some scientists are competent writers.  Shocker, I know.

I'm allergic to peanuts.  Just peanuts.  Not tree nuts.  Peanuts are legumes, but I'm also not allergic to lentils.  Thank God.

I love lentils.

I studied abroad in Italy for 5 months.  I can sort of still speak Italian.  Sort of.  Ma dai!

I play the piano, guitar, and horn (often incorrectly called the "French horn" but it's proper name is, in fact, "horn").  I taught myself the saxophone in 30 minutes when I was in 7th grade.  I also taught myself to play the tuba one summer in high school.  I no longer play these instruments.  I can play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" on the violin.  Poorly.  Incorrectly holding the bow.

I want to learn to play the cello, organ, and bassoon.  Contrabassoon would be even cooler.

I love church, God, and Jesus.  Contrary to popular belief, science and religion are not contradictory.  Science asks the question 'how,' and religion asks the question 'why.'  Science will never prove or disprove the existence of God.  If it could be proven, there would be no need for faith, and faith is everything.  You learned it here first, folks!

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